Dating valco amps Hot cebuanas

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A res-o-glas bass was also introduced but failed to sell, probably due to its extremely short 25 scale.

The top-of-the-line National res-o-glas models, such as the Glenwood series, are by far the most collectable Valco products ever made.

Some models were available with Bigsby vibratos or Valcos own vibrato design, and the Silver-sound pickup was introduced.The bound neck was bolted on and inlayed with fancy parallelogram fret markers.The six knobs and two pickguards gave the instrument an appearance akin to a Les Paul in a tuxedo.About the beginning of the 1960s, Valco had ceased production of most archtop models and revamped its amplifier line.National amps now bore flashy chrome panels, and the largest ones quickly grew to accommodate two 12 speakers, plus effects like tremolo and reverb.

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This famous (or, more accurately, infamous) pickup is often described as a piezoelectric unit, but it is actually a regular electromagnetic pickup with a coil in the base of the bridge and two magnetic polepieces suspended from the saddle.