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Dating strategy woman

Several things to remember prior to picking her up for that first date: 1) Dress appropriately for where you are taking her 2) Keep all of the basics that you learned in The Midlife Bachelor Personal Makeover in mind 3) Be on time – this is really important. Don’t talk too much about yourself, and try to get her to talk about herself.

If you are running more than ten minutes late, then call her and let her know what is holding you up. 4) Have reservations made for where you are going, if appropriate. Try to figure out common interests based on what she tells you … 5) Don’t look at other women, or be flirty with the waitress.

The look – I’ve found that women who want to either make-out or have sex will almost always give me what I call “the look”.

She just looks right at you in a very distinctive way. If you are on a first date with a particular woman, you might not get this look until you are telling her goodnight – or you might not get the look at all.

Not like you have a zit on your nose – but more like an extremely attentive eye-locking stare. If you don’t get “the look”, don’t take it personally – sometimes women take a while to warm-up to you.

Or sometimes the chemistry just isn’t right for both of you.

Next Step 1: Set your short-term & long-term dating objectives How long have you been single? Understanding your current needs vs your longer-term needs Define your objectives Midlife Bachelor Objective Roadmap Step 2: Conquer the Basics and Start Dating Developmental Dating Identify a Potential Date Asking for the Date The First Date with Any Woman Watch for Signs or Signals The Look Saying Goodnight or Goodbye on the First Date or Two Goodnight kiss The Three Date Rule Time to Dump her? Lead Generation – Finding New Women to Date Get Out and Be Seen Always Say Something Use What You’ve Got Exploit your personal strengths Minimize Your Weaknesses Maximize Your Opportunities Plant seeds in the overall community of women Leverage your friendships Go on a Blind Date Pick the low-hanging fruit first Make use of Today’s Technology – Internet Dating Step 3: Figure out what kind of woman you are looking for and date her How do you know what the right kind of woman for you is?If she comes over, and sits in your lap and starts kissing you – that is a sign that the evening is going great, and probably just getting started.Everything is situational – there are countless signs that she could give you.For example, if she looks at her watch or cell phone frequently – that typically means that she thinks it is time for the date to end.If she looks bored after a while, and stops engaging you in conversation – that is also a signal that the date should end.

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Don’t be overly analytical, and don’t necessarily call out what you think you see her signaling …