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Dating slowenien

Member countries' financial contributions to the EU budget are shared fairly, according to means.The larger your country's economy, the more it pays – and vice versa.A mountainous country, Slovenia sits in the foothills of the eastern Alps just south of the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, the Karawanken chain, and the Pohorje Massif on the Austrian border.The Adriatic coast of Slovenia is about 39 miles (50 kilometers) in length, running from the border with Italy to the border with Croatia.Unlike the ratings provided by the major credit agencies, our index is numerical because we believe it is easier to understand and more insightful when comparing multiple countries.

There are other minority groups, most of whom immigrated, for economic reasons, from other regions of the former Yugoslavia after World War II. Slovenia is situated in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula and is bordered by Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, Croatia to the south and southeast, and Italy and the Adriatic Sea to the west.

The government holds executive and administrative authority.

The prime minister and ministers are elected by the Parliament.

The EU budget doesn't aim to redistribute wealth, but rather to focus on the needs of all Europeans as a whole.

Breakdown of Slovenia’s finances with the EU in 2017: The money paid into the EU budget by Slovenia helps fund programmes and projects in all EU countries - like building roads, subsidising researchers and protecting the environment.

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