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She was beginning to moan softly again so I decided it was my turn for a bit of control again. I couldnt believe how worked up she was and I just rammed into her again and again.I undid the clasps on the straps and let the dildo fall to the floor. No finesse now, just raw hard fucking and she was responding to it big time.Then I was shocked to feel a big cold gooey sensation in between my ass cheeks, running down over my cock and balls.I whipped my head around and saw her strapping on a dildo.If you\'d asked me before whether I would have liked that I would have said no, but as she was doing it to me it was sending wave after wave of pleasure right through me.It was like nothing I\'d ever felt before, and she knew it. "OK, I think you\'re well and truly worked up now my boy, time for Natasha to do something that I\'ve always wanted to do but couldn\'t"She looked back at me, stood up and then flipped me over onto my stomach.We echoed each others movement, stroke for stroke, kiss for kiss.Then she got down to my feet and removed one of her heels from it.

She kept on fucking me and then abruptly pulled out."Hmm a little tight but otherwise a good fit really.Aren\'t you a lucky boy" and then proceeded to suck each toe individually through the pantyhose.I loved the feeling of the two bodies clad in nylon rubbing against each other.To be honest it was all I could do from cumming on the spot and it was probably good timing from her that she stopped sucking my cock and moved on.

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