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When you measure this number against the 2,525 complaints, you get less than 0.4% of singles using dating sites actually complain to the Better Business Bureau.This is a very, very, very small number of complaints.An article called Complaints soar against online dating services in Northwest talks about the rise of complaints against dating sites in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.It states, consumer complaints filed, rose 73%, in 2006 over 2005.

Many of the complaints have to do with billing issues and people not being able to cancel their subscriptions.

A lot of the smaller dating services are also just a one man show which makes customer service for the site hard to keep up with, even if they have a limited number of members.

Of course not all of these sites are bad, just a small percentage.

Hill said his biggest complaint was that he received no email or text reminder that the company would be charging his account.

“There’s no benefit to the user to have auto renewal… That just doesn’t seem right.” sent us the following statement through email: Additional details from the BBB breaking down why each business made the list: 1.

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So let's assume a lower number of 25 million Americans who used a dating site in the year 2006.

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