Dating ritual of the alligator

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Melinda Gates is a mother of 3 and spends the majority of her time for the welfare of the society on a global platform.

She could be recognized as a superwoman for the third world countries and wishes to have access to more time. Well, perhaps we can come up to a conclusion if we follow the personality traits of Melinda Gates, the most powerful and possibly the most humble woman of the world.

Like a real dating couple, minus the romantic comedy. Apparently they talked for like twenty minutes about your affection for stiletto heels."Xander blinked.

It was at that moment that he remembered that he'd yet to tell a single one of his friends about his whole girlfriend situation. I gotta—""Oh—" She grabbed his arm before he could step out the doors. We're all happy for you."Xander froze in place, eye rolled up as he once again ran through the conversation.

And how is this 'anniversary sex' different from what we did two hours ago? But, as unfair as it was that he knew about SG-1's secret alien-adventure fun-times and that Vala and her team didn't know about things that go bump and his relationship with killing said things, that was just the way things had turned out.

"Ah, yes, the reason for the shower…Xander brightened. Vala's team had wanted to look into his background, of course, make sure he wasn't part of the secret organization they were having trouble with—which sounded so innocent when it wasn't accompanied by a hail of bullets—but all they'd managed to get was the bare minimum before they'd been stopped.

Apparently, the mystery made thing more interesting. It had seemed like a good idea at the time—he'd figured he'd never get around to seeing Vala again, anyhow. And he still hadn't told his friends and family, only partly because of the giant stack of paperwork threatening him with jail time…"Are you having a stroke? Not that we sit around talking about my relationship status. Men don't do that locker room talk thing outside of the locker room, and I don't do locker rooms, or even visit a gym that often, so you can see how it maybe didn't come up that—""Xander.""Sorry, sorry."She smirked at him. Site code originally based on Storyline ©IO Designs 2002.

Melinda, along with her husband Bill Gates initiated the Bill & Melinda foundation in 2000, which is solely dedicated to the amelioration of life, globally.

With a net worth of .7 billion, Gates is the most sought after personality when it comes to global development.

But the most apparent question is how does she lead such a hectic life with so much grace?

Summary: More one-shots from The Zeppo and the Space Pirate series (Xander/Vala). Author's notes: Sequel to "Not Just a Demon Magnet" and "Xander Harris is Cool." (See the 'read the series intro' above and it'll link you to those first two one-shots if you're interested).

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Jackson, and a nifty looking statue of…something faintly humanoid from his new buddy Teal'c. "Since we started dating," she elaborated."Is this the part where we have two week anniversary sex? It was the false-innocent kind of gesture she'd used the first day they'd met; that day had ended in bad guys with guns chasing them and a stack of nondisclosure forms. That is, unless you're ashamed to be dating me."Xander opened his mouth. Because his brain needed a minute to go back in time and relive every conversation they'd ever had about his work and his friends.