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You must keep this information in your payroll records for the current year and the 3 following tax years.

Ask your employee for this information if you do not have their P45, or if they left their last job before 6 April 2018. You should use the P45 with the latest date and give the other one back to the employee.

With 86 of the original 104 leaves still extant, scholars have a good amount of material to work with as to whether it would have originally contained the pastorals. This means that all the double leaves (or bifolia) were laid down on top of each other, then folded and sewn into the binding.

How do they know that it originally contained 104 leaves? The fact that it was a single-quire codex can be detected by size of the pages: moving from the beginning to leaf 52, the pages get increasingly narrower.

On average a 4-year tax rebate pays out around £2,500.

have sent you if your employee gives you a P45 or starter checklist after you’ve first paid them.

If you do not have a P45 or have failed to complete a P46 in preparation for new employment, your employer will need to put you on an emergency tax code.

It means you will overpay your tax until the situation is resolved, but you will then be able to claim a tax rebate.

Whether you use your own vehicle for work, use public transport such as trains to travel to various work locations or buy your own equipment and materials then there is a good chance that you can claim back for your travel expenses.

HMRC lets claimants claim up to 4 years worth of expenses.

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Most workers, whether employed or self-employed may be due a tax rebate for work-related items, expenses or because they have paid too much tax.

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