Dating of elko eared projectile points San antonio sex chat

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Dating of elko eared projectile points

The dates provide a general age range for these corner notched and basal notched point depictions.

The age is consistent with the well documented and radiocarbon supported ages for Elko Series dart points and Humboldt Basal Notched thrusting spears, knives and dart points.

Therefore we believe those dart point depictions and XRF dates place the Coso projectile point drawings during a range of time from about 2000 BC to AD 1.

The latter age range is synchronous with the a period of dart and atlatl use and is coterminous with the earliest accepted dates for the initiation of Rose Spring Series arrow points (ca. Also some surprising new observations associate the feminine gender with at least two of the projectile point petroglyph images.

Those other areas were not included in this research. Location of Coso Style rock art area LOCATIONS AND FREQUENCY Grant and his colleagues originally illustrated 13 rock art panels containing 17 individual projectile point images occurring at five distinct localities within the Coso Range (Grant et al. Five of these images depict anthropomorphic figures with single or multiple projectile point adornments (Figure 2). Well-grounded estimates for the total number of petroglyph elements in the entire Coso Range locality now suggest a minimum tally of 100,000 individual elements (Gilreath 1997).

projectile point sites, discovered some new ones and attempted to correlate the most common corner-notched and basal notched forms with temporally diagnostic (time sensitive) southwestern Great Basin point styles to help date these specific petroglyphs (Figure 1).Two types of glyphs are represented: isolated or individual projectile point images (19) and anthropomorphs with associated projectile point adornments (9).Tabulating the various types of glyphs, styles of projectile points and their locations provided the following observations.All anthropomorphs were adorned with points that were corner-notched.Most all depictions, whether isolated or with anthropomorphs, were corner-notched points.

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This study was limited to the area within the confines of the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station and the glyphs at Little Lake.