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How do you fight the idea that you'd have nothing to do with that person though?In my case I don't enjoy drinking and doing drugs and it's all that the girls around here are into.There are a lot of women who, had I simply been evaluating them based on their hobbies, or what they might list on an online dating profile, I probably never would have bothered messaging.But because I decided to take a chance and date them (you know, to get to know them), I discovered that we shared values had developed an emotional connection that I never would have expected.It depends on what you're looking for, for hook ups it really is a numbers game.To find new partners you have to keep asking more people.In my younger years (high school and early college), I was a very discerning person, and I considered myself someone with "high standards." Dating was a rare occurrence for me, and though getting a long-term relationship was the goal I was focused on, I never dating a single girl for more than a couple months.Toward the end of college, I had ended up swinging in the opposite direction. Here's another thing that I discovered: When I was younger, I cared a lot about video games, science fiction novels, and building computers.

Failed attempts at romance don't tend to transition back to friends that often, in spite of how cliched the "I think we should just be friends" line is in popular culture.

All they will have to do is find someone in the 90s and start a conversation (or more likely add them on facebook). I think it's a waste of time to play the numbers game. It's a waste of time to ask out girls who are clearly extremely religious and want a religious partner.

Targeting your audience works in business Not really.

If you message 100 people indiscriminately, you'll have maybe 1 out of 100 who reply.

But if you message 100 people who you think you actually have a chance with, the replies will be much higher. I prefer to get to know someone in a casual setting before turning it into something more.

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So you just be you, to as many people as possible, and pick from the pool that respond well.

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