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Myanmar has more than one hundred distinct ethnic groups recognized.

If you’re planning to meet Burmese girls on your next trip, you will need to read this article.

They are easy to find as they are dimly lit and normally have a girl singing on stage.

Many are around the Chinatown area and 19 street Bar is well worth a visit.

Many women obtain high degrees and occupy a privileged and independent position in their social as well as private lives. Most are considered to be traditional, can come across as submissive to the Western man, and are also quite devout to their faith.

Burmese women are truly loyal wives and are excellent caregivers, keeping very tight bonds with family.

There are no Go Go bars or Strip clubs so don’t expect to find any, this is not Bangkok or Pattaya and you will have to do things the more old fashioned way.

Having said all that the Burmese people are coming out from their shell and they are very sociable.

Things have changed dramatically since Ang Suu Kyis’ struggle for human rights bought the attention of the world to Burma’s plight.

Myanmar is just growing up, many Burmese girls still wear traditional dress and have strong family values.

Like their neighbors they enjoy partying and especially drinking.

One of their better beers is called Myanmar Beer and Mandalay Rum is frequently a popular tipple, amazingly this costs around a bottle.

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Women in Burma (the country officially known as Myanmar) are distinguished by their sunny, natural charm.

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