Dating in oman anniversary dating one year

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Dating in oman

Whether friends, family or strangers, Omanis enjoy inviting people to their houses.

Visitors should accept Omanis invitations when they can, because it makes the Omanis happy.

It is important to realise that doing otherwise will be insulting for Omanis as they wouldn’t like to see visitors with revealing clothes or for their children to see them.

Women as they are strongly advised not to wear bikinis on the beach.” where they come together, talk to each other and share happy and sad news.

Carrying weapons in the Omani streets will be seen as threatening to the locals as well as to the police officers.

Omani people keep their country peaceful and clean.

They should also accept their gifts of dates, Omani food and frankincense.

It makes Omanis feel appreciated by their visitors and assures that they enjoyed their stay in Oman.

Omanis take pride in their accomplishments and their struggle to build their country under the Sultan Qaboos.Visitors are expected to do the same, and not to cause any noise or disturbance in the streets or even inside their homes.Oman has a conservative Muslim and Arabic Culture, which doesn’t easily accept people who drink alcohol.That’s why visitors must never mock their leader, or their history.Furthermore, Omanis have developed their own habits and traditions that reflect their beliefs, like their clothes, hospitality and morals.

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Therefore, it is not very common for them to gather in the streets and talk loudly, which might disturb their neighbors and the elderly.

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