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Football in Worcestershire therefore came under the authority of Birmingham, and from the records available it appears that a happy relationship was formed that has remained to this day. Unfortunately the Cup competitions representatives who made up the remainder of the Council are not recorded.

It was played at Lea Castle Park and resulted in a win for the visitors by 6 goals to 2. The resolution was rescinded at a Council Meeting of the 3rd September, 1919, which was 20 years to the day before the start of the next War! The increase in the number of Clubs being formed following the war was illustrated when the Malvern League and the Martley and District Leagues were sanctioned at the Council Meeting of the 7th July, 1920.When football spread to Worcestershire in the 1870’s the growing number of clubs and the strength of the game in the County resulted, in 1879, in the formation of the Worcestershire Association Committee which was affiliated and responsible to Birmingham County.The Worcestershire Football Association was founded on the 17th June 1893 (still under the jurisdiction of Birmingham).The Association now has 11 full and part time staff dealing with Governance, Discipline, Facilities and Football Development.In August 2001 the Association purchased its current headquarters in Droitwich thus consolidating all of the work previously carried out in individuals’ own homes.

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To come to more modern times there does not appear to have been much activity in the game in Worcestershire before the 1870s and wider interest in the game was cultivated by the formation of The Football Association in 1863.