Dating illinois watch

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Dating illinois watch

In thus increasing its production of high grade movements, the company soon found that more room was needed and new buildings to meet the requirements have been erected from time to time.In 1909 the two story North Wing, 103 x 21 feet, was completed for the use of the Timing and Adjustment Departments on the second floor, and the Dial Department on the first floor.Lincoln" movements in 18 size, for the use of railroad men, so that to-day these movements are known wherever railroads are operated, and are the recognized standard watches for railway service. To his intelligent presentation of the matter and his enthusiasm in executing all the difficult and manifold details of the plan, is very largely due the magnificent observatory erected upon the grounds of the company, and freely open to the inspection and use of the citizens and scholars of the public schools of the city of Springfield.The equipment for the Illinois Watch Company observatory was designed to be as far as possible of Illinois manufacture.The Illinois Watch Company was among the first to realize this lesson, and during recent years, while not discontinuing its large output of moderate priced watches, nor abating constant effort to improve the quality of same, nevertheless has sought the most highly skilled aid of workmen and inventors in producing a watch of the highest perfection.This means a watch to meet the arbitrary and exacting requirements of railroad service, and this company has made a special effort in this direction by furnishing the "Sangamo" and the "Bunn", "Bunn Special", and "A. Johnson, Mechanical Superintendent of the company, suggested the erection of an Observatory and the installation of a telescope, chronograph and sidereal clock, so that the company could take its own time, in its own building, and by its own appliances.In the latter part of 1911 a 12 size model with spread dial, making the watch know as the twelve by fourteen size, was brought out and at once attracted the attention of the public as a very desirable timepiece for critical, particular men.Up to the year 1902 the product of this company had been almost altogether cheap and medium grades, but in 1903 the company discontinued manufacturing cheap movements altogether, and have since confined themselves almost exclusively to the higher grade movements in seventeen, nineteen, twenty-one and twenty-three jewels.

The room is fitted up with appliances for serving lunches, with tables and chairs, a piano, and an emergency room for use in case of illness, and is in charge of a matron regularly employed by the company. Currier for model maker and finishing room, and George White as pattern maker. Bigelow came from the Elgin Company to act as Superintendent and held the position until July 1873.The company began making their own balances, having previously imported them.During this year the Springfield Watch Company abandoned its property for a new company which took the assets and assumed all liabilities, the stockholders ofthe old company losing the full amount of their investments. In 1878 an Open Face movement was put on the market, by this company, which was the first open face movement ever made in the United States.The name of the corporation was changed to the ILLINOIS SPRINGFIELD WATCH COMPANY, and the capital of the new company was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars (0,000.00), of which one hundred and ten thousand (0,000.00) was paid in. Bates was elected President, Otis Hoyt Superintendent. He increased the production to one hundred movements per day, but without stopping the loss. Jacob Bunn became President and Charles Schiorowski secretary. Bunn assumed the business management and the name of the corporation was changed to the ILLINOIS WATCH COMPANY. In August, 1879, the first nickel movements ever produced in America were brought out by this company.

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Testimony as to the perfection of the railroad grades manufactured by this company is furnished by general watch inspectors on many railroads - perhaps even a greater authority is that of the National Naval Observatory in Washington, D.

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