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In a November 2018 paper — titled, “Evidence for frequent, large tsunamis spanning locked and creeping parts of the Aleutian megathrust” — nine USGS research geologists conducted studies of a pair of coastal areas in the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska and discovered that the beaches had been inundated by the ocean several times in the past, likely by tsunamis.

Geological Survey suggests that tsunamis like the one that devastated Hilo in 1946 might be predictable — and more frequent than previously believed.

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The tsunamis would have been caused by movement of the tectonic plates making up the Aleutian Trench.

A similar earthquake originating near the trench caused the 1946 Hilo tsunami, which killed 173 people and demolished much of the town.

Witter said both sites appeared for the most part to be inundated at the same time, by tsunamis triggered by the same fault shift.

“We really had no idea how often tsunamis were generated here (on the Aleutians),” Witter said, explaining that the findings challenge an existing theory that certain types of plate boundaries are less prone to hazardous seismic disruptions.

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