Dating galaxy info

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Dating galaxy info

Two new studies—one published in June, another still under peer review—describe the evidence for this previously unnoticed event.“This is a big step forward,” said Elena D’Onghia, an astrophysicist at the University of Wisconsin who is unaffiliated with the new research.“It’s interesting because we can finally see what the history of the Milky Way is.”To uncover evidence of the collision so many eons later, astronomers have to work like galactic archaeologists, sifting through myriad sources of surviving information to piece together a story consistent with the available evidence.Instead, they move in radial orbits, streaming toward or away from the center of the galaxy.These stars are also rich in “metals”—the catch-all description astronomers give to any element heavier than hydrogen, helium or lithium.Romance apps keep being the culprits of major pitfalls. If you’d like to learn more about this and see some real-life examples of people who are doing a good job with their responses, click here.If you’re looking to stand out from the competition and are ready to create your own prompt responses, I’ve got some fun …“The Gaia results really are allowing us to see things in the galaxy that we maybe suspected were there but haven’t seen,” said Kathryn Johnston, an astrophysicist at Columbia University.Hints of a dramatic collision had been seen before, but the indications had been inconclusive.

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Metal-rich stars likely descend from many previous generations of stars.

They’re the scions of stars from a long-ago galaxy that smacked into the Milky Way, their orbits still reflecting the odd trajectory of that cosmic agitator.“If you throw a stone in a pond, those ripples last for awhile.

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Both research teams relied on data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia space telescope, which has spent years gathering exceptionally rich biographies of millions of stars—not only their locations and motions, but for many, their brightnesses, temperatures, ages and composition as well.

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