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Sometimes we feel lonely in our own cities so making friends abroad might make you feel needed.

The websites has a large number of users, so you can be sure to find one.

People in our community connect with native speaker language partners, meet friends for cultural exchange and find travel partners and travel buddies.

Are you interested in connecting with people all over the world? The following websites are for those of you who are looking for a pen pal to learn about new cultures, languages, traditions and simply make new friends.

we wrote for years, until marriage and life got in the way. I am hoping this allows me to "approve" the ads easier to assure this is kept secure.2) When published, you will receive the PDF Quarterly. We need to make this a safe haven for friendly seniors. I also offer the private Retirement Community as an option. Most do not interact in the Community, but you can find them via a Member search and connect.

Everyone is involved, no lurkers, and everyone has to provide contact info. You can learn about different lifestyles, life in different states, or even worldwide.

HOW do I keep seniors SAFE while providing others to write to? Introducing: The Retirement-Online Senior Pen Pal Newsletter The basics: 1) to place your senior pen pal ad You must place your own ad to get the PDF newsletter of senior pen pal ads. I wish you many new senior pen pals that perk up your daily life and they definitely will!

Second, now that my passions is seniors/retirement, it's even worse to think we've got this internet connecting the world -- and yet people are lonely, especially seniors.

I found one from the website long time ago and since then we have kept contact and really exchanged a lot.

When I did a project in school one year, she sent me OODLES of glossy books on CA. I picked ENGLAND (hey, the Beatles were popular and I assumed other countries couldn't write English... I got BOXES every month, addressed and mailed out to subscribers. I loved the stories readers would submit and, unlike most editors, I rarely edited as that would take away the true essence of the person writing.

In the 80s, I started a Pen Pal Newspaper (yep, tabloid sized printed by a news printer in Ohio). You can read it online or print it so you can go over it more thoroughly.

Just test those waters before you deliver the knockout first message. In fact, research shows people are staying single for longer and settling down older.

We share almost every part of our lives on social media, tell our friends about our latest fad, follow influencers every move, but we don’t share, follow or even talk much about sex?

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Many years ago, I published a Pen Pal Newspaper, then Newsletter (published just short of 20 years before it ended). Because I've always recognized the VALUE of Friendship Via the Written Word! We wrote back and forth for years -- and Auntie told Mom how she loves my letters. When it got to be work, I changed it to a newsletter format.

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