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Dating facebook

Simple enough, but the feeling has to be mutual, of course.If your Facebook Dating adds you to their Secret Crush list, then the two of you will be matched and you can, maybe, live happily ever after.You can then decide exactly what sort of people you're looking for.The age range, if they have any children or not, their height, that's even one you can choose there too.So once you've decided that you're going to start a bunch of conversations with people, all of those conversations and matches will start up in here in this Liked You section.Actually, that's for people that like you and so they can only message you based on your photos or a comment they want to make just once.That said, Facebook did let it be known that Dating is expanding to 14 new countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Suriname.That's in addition to Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Thailand; the countries where Facebook Dating has been available for the past few months.

Everything else you can import manually, including Your Facebook profile pictures, and in the future they're also be integration with Instragram photos as well.

When you actually wanna find some people to go out with you'll have a suggested matches sections here there is just big profile pictures you can tap into it, scroll down and take a look at the photos.

You can see their jobs situation, their [UNKNOWN] some photos any mutual friends that you might have and then you can actually decide on face value yeah I'm interested in this person, I like them or say no thanks but to actually initiate.

So within the brand new designed Facebook app, you can go over into the menu over here and you'll notice A new dating option. What's gonna happen is that Facebook is actually gonna set you up with two profiles.

You're gonna have your regular Facebook profile that all your friends and family can see, and then there's also a separate dating profile.

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A conversation with someone and to actually tell them that you like them you have to tap on a photo and start a conversation.

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