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From 1945 to 1991, the official language was Serbo-Croatian.

Even under socialism, Croats often referred to their language as Croato-Serbian (instead of Serbo-Croatian) or as Croatian.

This is not generally true of non-Croat and non-Slav populations in other regions, such as Italians in Dalmatia and Hungarians in Zagreb.

Before the recent war (1991–1995), there was a large Serb population in the region known as the Military Frontier ( Vojna Krajina ) who did not identify with Croatian culture.

Croats share an overall sense of national culture; people often feel strongly about regional identities and local cultural variations, particularly food and language.The religious makeup of the nation reflects this ethnic breakdown.Roman Catholics constitute 77 percent of the population; Serbian Orthodox, 11 percent; and Muslims, 1 percent.The capital, Zagreb, is centrally located but was not chosen for that reason.It is the largest city, and historically the political, commercial, and intellectual center. The population was approximately 5 million in 2000.

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It shares borders with Italy, Slovenia, and Hungary to the north and with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia) and Bosnia-Herzegovina to the east and south.

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