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Women with commitment phobia never talk about the future because that means commitment.

They might get angry when future goals and the like are discussed. They do not like to come out into the open and admit their feelings because then they'll be vulnerable to getting hurt.

A woman with a bad relationship history might never fully commit to anything in the relationship and distance herself from her partner when things threaten to become too personal and intense.Commitment issues in women have started knocking on relationship doors as well and more and more women have been coming forward with their trepidation and fear of committing to someone. Why is it that women, who essentially require security, are opting getting out of a setup (a relationship) that offers it? Commitment issues - no matter in which sex - do not develop overnight.There are several factors that lead to the fear of commitment in women.Unfortunately, commitment phobia is not a 'disease' or a 'condition' that can be cured overnight.It requires the woman to introspect and want to change in the first place.

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The guys that they get in relationships with are not really great for them in the first place and that is exactly what they want.

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