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In addition, 85% of people said it didn’t matter if their date liked dogs—if the dog didn’t like their date, it wasn’t happening. According to the survey, 34% of people admitted to using their dog to meet people, and that’s not a bad idea.After all, what’s cuter than seeing a guy and his dog in the park having fun?In the second, strangers came to the owner's rescue.Have you ever noticed that your dog just doesn't want anything to do with a new guy you're dating?People who love their pups can’t be bad people (or at least it seems much less likely). A pretty solid 61% of people found it a turn-on whenever someone featured their pet with them in their dating app profile photos. It seems slightly strange if you think about it, but 42% of people in relationships admitted that they love their dog more than their partners. That number goes down slightly among married couples, with 32% feeling the same way.That being said, this only works for dogs—a third of people said people with cats were less attractive. Maybe it’s because, according to the survey participants, 75% found their dog to be more affectionate than their S. We don’t mind having sex with our dogs in the room.Whether you use your cute pup as a conversation starter or have had to battle pet problems out with a significant other, when pets are a part of your life, they're a part of your love life.

Forget turning to your best friends when you're unsure about the new guy you're dating—the best judge of his character could actually be your dog.

There’s something truly unique about the bond between dog and dog owner. We are dog parents, and our parents are dog-grandparents. When you’re going in for a kiss, our dog will probably lick your foot, and when you sleepover, they may or may not chew a hole in any piece of clothing you happen to remove. Not all humans are cuddlers, and even if they are, it’s an occasional occurrence. Who knows maybe the restaurant owner is a dog-lover like us. You’ll hear about our dog’s bowel movements at least once. Sometimes our beloved furry friends have belly aches that make their poop the consistency of peanut butter, and we will most likely tell you about it when it happens (if you’re not with us when we have to clean it up). We most likely have more photos with our dogs than our significant others. We need a little advanced-notice for any spontaneous trips, vacations, or sleepovers.

Whether you’re relaxing on the couch scratching your dog’s stomach, running together, or playing fetch in the park, a dog is loyal to the core, always his or her drooling, panting, authentic self. Our siblings are dog-aunts and uncles, and even our friends are dog-godparents. This might be their grand scheme to scare you away because they want ALL of our love and attention, but either way they’re just being dogs, and they don’t always contribute to a romantic ambience. Dogs are willing to cuddle whenever, wherever, which is exactly why they’re our designated cuddle buddies. Wherever we go, and wherever you try to take us, we will probably try to bring our dogs too. We don’t really find it disgusting, we just consider it another day of dog parenting. Our dogs are our home screen, our lock screen, and their bark might even be our ring tone. Dogs are as big of a commitment as any relationship. The love for our dog is incomparable to our love for anyone else. We have multiple loves in our lives, and our dogs will always be one of them.

I mean, at least the people in the survey don’t—55% said they don’t care if their dog is in the room when they’re having sex, and 49% even let their dogs stay on the bed while they’re doing it.

No matter how much you love your dog, there should be a limit, no?

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A new Japanese study shows that dogs can sense when humans mistreat their masters.