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Dating ben pearson bows

There's an a** for every seat they say and mine fits a Pearson very well.

Just came in from shooting my Ben Pearson Equalizer, 48" AMO 50#.

Ive collected several over the yrs from the 50's , 60's ,and 70s, but of the ones ive got, I believe this to be one of my favorites. The grip is much more comfortable than the Signatures, and the added mass in the riser makes it a dream to shoot. It has wood reinforced tips and shoots very good with a D-97 string. I bought a BP 706-64" Cougar 45# @ 28" about two months ago and have had fun shooting it.

George tell me facts about a BP-H90 7388 45#58" It has 5 layers in riser(bubinga? Based on the serial number, I think it's about 47 years old.

Then I will destroy ALL the collector's value by radiusing the sight window and shelf..:)..make it 'ne plus ultra' for a shooting-hunting bow..

Those Mustangs are wonderful shooters, I had one that was 60", and looked like yours.Those gamesters shot pretty good, didnt like the grip on mine so sold it. My son now has the sig takedown at top, all fiberglass #304 (#55) in middle(shooting this one now hope to hunt with it), bottom is #48 stallion George, from what I can find, the first Mustang #716 is 1964, white glass... the 1965 catalog doesn't specify a glass color but I believe mine's a 1965, with brown back and white belly glass like Sailor's bow.Jim, I myself am a big fan of the old Ben Pearsons.Around here, when you run into old bows at the flea markets and auctions, they are probably 80% Pearson and Shakespeare. wide light red strip with a small strip on each side though center of handle 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inch brace height 4 3/4 inch sight window $ 45 Ben, that is not my mercury(i wish it was! That has got to be the heaviest bow quiver out there. Your data describes my H-90 well I will retain it for reference. The grip and shelf are quite beefy but my hand nests well.If you dont cant your bow you will after shooting with that quiver on your bow, lol. Bow balances and points easily and speed seems very good with the D-97 string.

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It was a variation of the Hunter model that came about in 1966 as the 709 Hunter.