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Dating add

Available through the Facebook app, the Secret Crush feature allows you to add friends who get your pulse racing.Users can add up to nine names to their secret crush list.Don't panic – unlike other dating apps, your crush isn't notified of your interest straight away.In fact, it's rather more convoluted, even compared to dating apps like Tinder.Whats Your Price, which is pretty much a dating auction where members to bid and pay for first dates with other users, surveyed over 14,000 of their members to see if the length and success of their last relationship was somehow correlated to how soon they friended the person they were dating on Facebook.What it found was that 42 percent of respondents who had immediately friended someone after a first date, ended up dating that person for less than a month.There's a strange innocence to Facebook's Secret Crush feature, both in its name and in the way that it functions.

Social media isn't always great for our love lives.Because that’s the case, it brings up a very important question: when is the right time to Facebook friend someone you’re dating?According to dating site, Whats Your, it’s probably better to wait and wait awhile.For starters, you can become a bit obsessive checking that person’s Facebook constantly and, because you still don’t know them very well, misinterpret things or get unnecessarily jealous — like how are you supposed to know that the woman the person you're dating is hugging in that latest photo is their sister?There’s also the fact that Facebook reveals certain aspects of our personality, maybe some of which we’re not ready to share just yet.

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As for those who saw something more long-term, that percentage was 18 percent.

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