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Dating a tall girl embarassing

She messaged me out of the blue on fb (a couple months after we had decided a relationship wouldn't work) saying that a tall muscular guy who had been flirting with her made a comment about me (how I came up in the convo i don't know), saying that she deserved better blah blah She gave him a load of shit for it then messaged me with one of the nicest comments I've ever received from a female.

Having experience with having a girlfriend 4 inches taller than me, there is a decent chance this is correct.

I am tall, attractive and confident I shouldn't be a secret and neither should any other tall women! Do not get me wrong, I love short guys and this definitely isn't a dig at all short men.

This had caused me not to pursue shorter men because I don't want to be hidden away. Also aware that men will try anything to get you as close to their bed as possible but I have just simplified a genuine issue for post length reasons.

Many of my gay friends have been regularly harassed because they were holding hands in the street. Things against the norm attract the most attacks and ridicule but you won't see me hiding away, stroking a cat and disguising a part of my life.

Without trying to make it sound like I'm taking a dig at him, if I were a street thug, I'd probably go after a 5'4" guy and his 5'10" girlfriend (more or less, I'm guessing it's within a couple inches) than a 6'5" guy and his 5'10" girlfriend.

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I think in this male macho mentality world that height is also seen as power. All of my boyfriends were always shorter than me, and only one or two really made a comment about feeling inferior because they were shorter.

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