Dating a jesus freak

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Recently, I posted pro-life comments on an article about a celebrity who said that he and his girlfriend were “eternally grateful” that Planned Parenthood was there for them to help them kill their first child.

In my comments, I mentioned God had made this unique child in His image and that – despite the fact that the man and the woman later married and had several more children – their first unborn child would never live on earth; they would never be able to recreate this special child.

But from the moment her robe floated to the surface of the baptistry water, she began to question her fundamentalist faith.

If baptism requires complete immersion underwater, what does it mean, if a piece of fabric attached to a would-be Christian floats to the top? In Dating Jesus,, Campbell takes us into the world of fundamentalism-a world where details really, really matter-while wrestling with questions that would thwart any young woman intent on adhering to a literalist religion.

But her questions continue to surface, and when dogmatic answers from her Bible teachers, family, and congregational fellows confirm that women will never be allowed a seat at the throne, her faith begins to erode. I know it was a while ago because my husband was my boyfriend, we were both wearing leather jackets and I had no angst about the platter of pancakes, bacon and eggs I was about to devour.

If instrumental music is prohibited inside the church, can a piano be played during your wedding?In classical logic, this is called an “ad hominem” attack or an “argumentum ad hominem;” argument “against the man” instead of an argument against a position he takes.This is the crux of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, No.5: A good example of this is ad hominem arguments against, and the ridiculing of, the positions of orthodox Catholic believers rather than addressing the truth they espouse, which usually also happen to be the positions of the Church.

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