Dating a felon

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Hey Wendy, I've been dating a new guy and we’ve been on three dates in the last week. Problem is, I can't seem to find his record to confirm the charge. Given that he’s a felon and has told this story over and over and over again for the past seven years, if you bring kindness and compassion to the conversation, he should hopefully be able to handle it with grace and transparency.

Some of the things she was telling me just didn't seem to line up.And on the way out, if you feel like being a kind human you could tell him, “I’m out because you aren’t able to be transparent about this.You may want to work on that before your next potential relationship.” Because anyone who’s both compassionate and forgiving AND discerning and self-respecting will want all the facts. 10 years seems like a really freakin’ long time to serve for manufacturing a bomb. – Sacramento, California Dating a felon Hey Rachelle, Pipe bomb. If he can’t, that’s your flaming-like-a-lit-pipe-bomb red flag answer. If he was in the military and young, was it because he just did a stupid thing that kids do when they’re bored?Should I run for the hills or give this guy a chance? Next question: Do you think that if you have all the facts, can you get over it? But I need some information and documentation from you to really move beyond that news. Or did he have a specific intent to use this sucker? As far as I can tell, the military does a great job of not letting civilians access their records, but he’d certainly have a copy of his own records.

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