Dating a spirit man

Posted by / 16-Nov-2019 01:16

New Aged Guy, but spirituality is the new sensitivity in 2016, just like man buns are the new kanji tats.

Maybe you’ve dated one, or perhaps just crossed energy paths, never realizing all that’s behind his bindi.

Of the 12, only he and Joshua came back with a good report.

The other 10 focused on the giants and strongholds they believed were insurmountable.

While I hardly think I’ve been the best example, maybe my steps and missteps can illustrate something about the “different spirit” God calls us to in dating (and other areas of life).

As I headed into my late 20s, I felt I had to “make something happen” on the dating front.

As I charged in, my selfish bias gave me selective vision. As it turns out, people are complex, driven by many different factors.But I realized the condition of my heart and mind wasn’t marriage-ready. Most importantly, I needed to reject lies that were fueling those cycles — agreements that marred the identity of who God said I was.I committed to a discipleship program that involved biblical principles, intensive small-group sessions, corporate worship times and tough dialogue, including confession.Reflecting on Israel’s journey centuries later, the book of Isaiah says, “Do not fear, for I am with you.Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. Knowing the One in whom we believe, we can confidently engage in relationships and see where possibilities go. Sure, I held to a biblical view of sexuality and desired to be married. I needed to rewire thought patterns that would objectify rather than honor.

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Several failed, awkward, sort-of relationships revealed areas in my life where I was lacking maturity.