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A recent change has made it possible for victims to come forward up to the age of 50, but that still seems too restrictive.

Charlie Smith, a West Ashley realtor who ran for the Statehouse twice as an openly gay man, says that he finds it laughable when activists suggest that gay South Carolinians should show political leaders that they're no different from straight people.

The Pennsylvania report struck an emotional note for a legal document.

The jurors began with the words: “We…need you to hear this…There have been other reports about child sex abuse within the Catholic church.

"Let's have a real investigation of the rumors about South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who … has been rumored to be gay for years," Signorile says.

"Like Larry Craig, Graham has voted antigay — including for the federal marriage amendment — while people in South Carolina and Washington have discussed what some say is an open secret for a long, long time." Graham isn't the first South Carolina politician to face such questions.

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As Washington DC’s archbishop, he is remembered as a familiar, affable figure in the corridors of power.