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In other words, if you’re ready to turn your financial life around, debt consolidation can help do it.Nearly everyone losing the battle with debt has this conversation with themselves every month. It gives you a reachable goal to meet every month and eventually lets you breathe again financially.Lenders look closely at your credit score when determining the interest rate they charge for a debt consolidation loan.

Instead, the nonprofit credit counseling agencies work with card companies to reduce the interest rate and lower the monthly payment to an affordable level for the consumer.If the interest rate you get for a debt consolidation loan is not lower than the average interest rate you already were paying on your credit cards (see above), then a debt consolidation loan does you no good.There are alternative loan possibilities such as home equity loans or personal loans, but neither helps if you can’t improve the interest rate you’re paying or the repayment period is so long it doesn’t make sense.It should reduce your monthly payment by lowering the interest rate on your bills, making it easier to pay off the debt.This debt-relief option untangles the mess consumers face every month trying to keep up with multiple bills from multiple card companies and multiple deadlines.

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