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A lifelong Republican, Wilkerson was party to the meetings of the senior Bush officials who decided what “enhanced interrogation techniques” would be used on which “illegal enemy combatants”.He alleged that it was Rice, as chair of this “Group of Principals”, who personally signed off menu of CIA activities including water-boarding, sleep deprivation, and stress positions, supposedly sending CIA director George Tenet on his merry way with the words, “this is your baby, go do it”.From 1944-45, my grandfather, a Dutch resistance fighter, was imprisoned and tortured by the Luftwaffe.He was too dignified to tell me the details of the Nazi interrogation methods he endured.Consequently, we only had a limited theatrical run.The failure to sell the film, and to pay my team, has been very painful for me.Discovery gave me a terrible choice: sue for breach of contract and become mired in a legal proceedings that could go on for years, or take a 0,000 (£93,000) ‘kill fee’ and sit on a beach for a year.

Counter-Terrorism chief Richard Clarke alleged that she conspired in the fabrication of a link between 9/11 and Saddam, and pumped up the case for war in Iraq (“we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud”).

That critical success stimulated me to dig deeper and make a new film - a straight, investigative documentary that I called American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi.

This film connects the dots between Rice as Chair of the Group of the Principals, to the CIA, to the prisoners who endured the violent acts she allegedly authorised.

But on the festival circuit, we won 26 awards and received fine reviews.

The film was noted as ‘historic’ in three areas: the first musical-docu-tragi-comedy in the history of cinema; the first musical ever shot outside the White House; and the first film to win awards in both Best Documentary and Best Narrative Feature categories.

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