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Carbon dating animation

The basic construction of these cycles allows middle school students to explore the connections between living and non-living parts of the Earth system.

Please note that in-depth understanding of these cycles will require understanding of chemistry and is more appropriate at the high school level.

Thus, these cycles are excellent examples for teaching about Earth as a system.

When CO When shell-builders die and sink, the carbon in their shells is transported down to the deep ocean where the carbon can become part of deep ocean currents and seafloor sediments.

Many shells dissolve before reaching the seafloor sediments, a process that releases CO) sediments.

These reservoirs, often known as deep carbon sinks, remove carbon from circulation through other parts of the carbon cycle for such long amounts of time that they are sometimes considered an extension of the carbon cycle called the "slow carbon cycle".

For simplicity, the deep carbon sinks have been omitted from this interactive, however they are a very important part of the long-term cycle.

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Some of the smallest shell-builders transport the most carbon down to seafloor sediments.

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