Candle burners dating

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Candle burners dating

Pillar candles are perfect for decorating your home because of the variety of color, width, and height combinations we offer.

These strong scented pillar candles in many different colors so you are sure to find a match to your home decor.

You will see that our huge variety of scented candles is hard to match with well over 100 different ones to choose from in the different lines.

We also have bulk votive candles available in white.

Our candle fundraiser has been helping groups raise money for over a decade.

If you are looking for a fundraising company to help you with your projects be sure to check out our candle fundraising program.

If you are looking for flameless candles as a safer option or candle warmers to freshen the air without an open flame we have those too.

We also offer a lot of accessories and tools to help in creating beautiful displays and centerpieces for use in you home, weddings, and other events.

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We sell candles wholesale nation wide and have begun to wholesale candles to international companies as well.