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Cam zap no

Multi-camera shows are more like little plays, and there is more audience involvement. Because they is more dependent on laughs, they can often feel like joke machines.Once you know the characters really well, a la “Seinfeld,” “Big Bang” or “Modern Family,” you are laughing as much at these people you love as you are at the jokes.Finally, with the ubiquity of comedy options, including easy access to all the multi-cam classics like “Roseanne,” “Friends,” “Murphy Brown,” etc., etc., etc., the bar is quite high for the next truly great multi-cam.I could go on, but I will stop now and I guess, GM, my answer is: Beats me.All of these forms favored the more cinematic single-camera format.

NBC has tried a few, and I am not sure whether the return of “Will & Grace” will be multi-cam as was the original.

A corollary to this is the drift away from the classic sitcom formula and a move toward other forms of the half-hour.

When I was in the game, I would distinguish among a variety of half hours.

The addition of cam-lock sliders furthers the ease of one-handed adjustment set them in place once and let the Boa® system do the rest.

The design of the cam-lock adjustment system results in no loose ends or hanging straps, and no elastic loops that tear off and disappear.

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I think that’s why multi-cam pilots feel off-putting today.

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