Bosnia and herzegovina community dating sites

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Bosnia and herzegovina community dating sites

International Crisis Group (ICG), Elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Introduction and Background, 22 September 1996, available at: https:// 1 September 2019] This is not a UNHCR publication.

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It would seem that there was a turn-out of over 100%.

This calls in question the validity of the results.

Of those who voted, 75 per cent opted for nationalist parties, the Bosniac Party of Democratic Action (Stranka demokratske akcije or SDA), Serb Democratic Party (Srpska demokratska stranka or SDS) and Croat Democratic Union (Hrvatska demokratska zajednica or HDZ).

The SDA won 86 seats, the SDS 72, and the HDZ 44 -- a combined total of 202 out of 240 seats in the Bosnian Parliament.

The Bosnian vote followed elections in Slovenia and Croatia, Yugoslavia's two northern-most republics, in April that year.

As communism disintegrated and nationalists rose to power in neighbouring republics, Bosnians sought security within their own ethnic group to such an extent that the election results resembled those of an ethnic census.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was the most ethnically mixed of the six republics making up the Yugoslav state that emerged from the Second World War.

According to the last census, carried out in April 1991, 43.5 per cent of Bosnia and Herzegovina's 4,377,033 citizens declared themselves Muslim (Bosniac), 31.2 per cent Serb, 17.4 per cent Croat and 5.5 per cent Yugoslav (usually the offspring of mixed marriages).

Another 2.4 per cent of the population did not belong to any of these categories.

However, the Parties to the DPA (the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its two constituent entities - the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska) had not created the minimum conditions for elections: repatriation and reintegration of refugees had not begun; indicted war criminals continued to exert influence behind the scenes; and freedom of movement and expression remained severely restricted.

Under such handicaps the elections were bound to confirm the effective division of the country on ethnic lines and that proved to be so.

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2 Although citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina elected nationalists to power, they did not expect their vote to result in the wholesale destruction of their homeland.