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As is all too often the case in Tinseltown, it wasn't long before the rumor mill exploded with allegations of marital woes between Lambert and Mc Loughlin.

A snitch close to the situation reached out to With Lambert based in the country music epicenter of Nashville, Tenn.

While it wouldn't be entirely surprising considering the rest of the circumstances pertaining to this wacky union, we should note that this is, of course, all mere speculation.

According to According to Carol, Mc Loughlin was living a "secret life for several months." She added, "He definitely was very phony and she had no idea.

He hid it well, he hid it very well." As we now know, their child was born three days after Mc Loughlin met Lambert.

"She wants a baby before it's too late," the insider claimed.

"But Brendan can barely see her a couple of days a month." Since Mc Loughlin has been pictured out on the force in New York City, while Lambert consistently tags her location on Instagram in the Athens of the South, there may actually be some truth behind this weird rumor. An anonymous source told the gossip rag that the country music songstress was reportedly "moving out" of their shared million apartment in New York City.

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