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Posted by / 19-Aug-2020 09:34

The p-num parameter changes the port number for the specific IP address only.masters-list may be used to reference a list of servers (slaves) defined in a masters clause each of which will be sent a NOTIFY.

Until the issue is resolved, the server firewall has been disabled. ARPA Mar 28 hcsvrxx named[5687]: automatic empty zone: A.

The default behaviour is to allow zone transfers to any host.

While on its face this may seem an excessively friendly default, DNS data is essentially public (that's why its there) and the bad guys can get all of it anyway.

However if the thought of anyone being able to transfer your precious zone file is repugnant, or (and this is far more significant) you are concerned about possible Do S attack initiated by XFER requests, then use the following policy.

allow-update defines an address_match_list of hosts that are allowed to submit dynamic updates for master zones, and thus this statement enables Dynamic DNS.

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The default behaviour is to allow zone updates only from the masters IP(s).