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Asking for a friend..."When Fifty Shades Darker was released in cinemas last week, it received a resounding mauling from critics - with our official review slamming it as '1 hour and 55 minutes of utter tedium.' But now, fans of the hugely popular series can get a more authentic experience online- after a Christian Grey chatbot debuted on Facebook."Fifty Shades Darker" is officially out in theaters, and you know what that means: Groups of thirsty AF girls will gather into theaters across America, disguising their animalistic desires to watch soft-core porn on the big screen as a "fun gal's nig...

I test so many bots each week for Bot List and when @joshbocanegra sent me this chat bot, I was blown away at how well put together the conversational UX was.

So we don't know what kinds of expectations, if any, this sets up in kids.

For instance, the venture capitalist Hunter Walk recently wrote about the Amazon Echo — a "smart speaker" which features a voice-activated assistant called Alexa.These apps, and the bots that live within them, are used for paying bills, buying things and playing games.We Chat, for instance, has more than 200 million credit cards attached to users' accounts, and it has a pretty robust payment system.It's becoming easier than ever to converse with a robot — via applications like Facebook Messenger and Apple's Siri.CBC Radio technology columnist Dan Misener explains why the way we treat chatbots reveals a lot about who we are as humans.

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Amazon's Echo speaker features a voice-recognition system called Alexa that is designed to control Pandora, Amazon Music and Prime Music services as well as give information on news, weather and traffic.