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At least it isn't something like Total Recall, the makers of which should be shot.

I know throughout Hollywood history remakes have only been about 20 years apart (Imitation of Life, Star is Born and all the silent remakes) but way to make me feel old damnit!

Since divorcing with her spouse, Hiam is living single with her children.

The historical drama film made on a budget of million grossed 0.4 million at the box office.

SAN DIEGO — Brit actor Ben Barnes came to Comic-Con last year but didn't have a lot to say.

He was there to announce the fantasy movie Seventh Son though none of it had been filmed.

He needs to lose the long hair for me to care, but he does seem handsome and Nick Drake-y. I dunno, it just seemed so unimaginative and obvious, DG may not have been done much but it's so well and such a cultural staple.

Played 'Dorian Gray' in a new version with Colin Firth a few years ago. Still not seen anything with him in it that I recall, am moderately interested in Narnia but the Dorian Gray can gfto.

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He is Down Under working on The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, the next in the series of Narnia films, in which Ben, 28, again plays the swashbuckling King Caspian.‘Tamsin hooked up with Ben a couple of times and there was a lot of talk about how close they were,’ says my spy.