Aum atichart is dating

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Aum atichart is dating

Thuma was lonely and wanted to have someone, so she dated him.

They kept dating, fell in love with each other and had the affair.

Nian kept obstructing Thuma and Pawan from seeing and talking each other.I haven’t been writing about Aum Atichart and Pinky Savika lately because their relationship confuses me and I get bored reading, “we’re not together, he’s just my Pee Chai (older brother)” or for him, “She is just my Nong Sao (Little sister).” Oh please! Pinky and Aum caught kissing in Japan”, “Aum hitting on Margie Rasee”, “Pinky on the set of Badarn Jai to claim her man”, “Pinky’s mom upset over Aum’s tabloid news”, “Aum and Pinky race to find new giks (Thai slang for a person you are seeing but not officially dating)”, and now this “Aum takes Pinky to grandmother’s funeral”. Their relationship stories are very sporadic–one minute together, one minute broken up. The headline usually reads: “Aum is gay using Pinky as a cover up”, “Scandal!After Thuma knew that she was pregnant with Pawan, she was very happy and wanted to tell him, but Nian still kept her from meeting him.Thuma was very hurt and thought that Pawan was bored of her and didn't want to see her anymore.

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