Argus c3 dating

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Argus c3 dating

Indeed, for a small, low-priced camera, it has a decent range of features, allowing professional results from a well-adjusted, competently used example.

One way the engineers of the C3 kept these systems compact and cheap to manufacture was by simplifying each mechanism as much as possible.

The C3 is made of bakelite and metal framings, with the front and rear panels covered in leatherette.

True to nickname, the C3 is quite brick-shaped; heavy and hard to hold, but surprisingly compact for a budget 35mm camera from the period.

I always carry my IPhone in a belt case, and the thought that I could use it for opportunistic shots without having to lug around my Sony with humongous 24-105 lens was very appealing. Images were sharp, colors were brilliant and shapes had well defined edges.

I process my images in Lightroom and Photoshop CC, and decorate my walls with framed enlargements.

There were a couple of hundred models refurbished in 1998, which could cost a little more.

During the years it was manufactured, it was the best selling 35mm camera, around 2 million cameras were sold.

By virtue of its low price and reputation for rugged durability the Argus C3 managed to outlast most of its American competition and fend off precision German-built cameras and the cheap high quality Japanese cameras that began to enter the American market in the 1950s.

But eventually the design simply became too outdated and clumsy and production ended in 1966 after sales had slumped.

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I have used an IPhone ever since Apple released the product, but never have used it for photographic purposes, believing it to be a bit of a camera toy, mostly good for selfies: that is, until I read Ken Rockwells review of the photographic capabilities of the i Phone X Max.