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Are senri and rima dating

It's not like Maria would learn how to play so it has no use for her.

That when the tears started coming and would not stop.

Maria don't understand what Kaname sees in her and just hope that when she become s the mother of vampires.

The vampire world would not go up in flames or maybe if they are lucky someone is stupid enough to kill her before the ceremony.

She is something even more vile that should not exist and she let Shizuka posses her body."Well, well what can I do for you weakling?

" Yuki said in a sneering voice that remind Maria when the teacher would scrap their nails down the blackboard.

That way they wont have to find out what's going to happen.

He never expected to see someone who normally impassive and rarely show emotions. Can't say a lot about Takuma's feelings but one thing that's for sure, no one hates him nor think his anything of those words.Even if they don't want his help Zero will give it to them whether they like it or not. I decided to make some changes in this chapter for someone brought to my attention that is was to familiar to another fanfic.And that's because I was inspired by said fanfic and was permitted from that author to write a fanfic that was inspired from their fanfic.But the person she was looking for was not there but instead it was the very demon..devil.nope that would only insult both demons and the devil.If Maria even compered them to Yuki would be a greater insult you could even come up with.

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The anger and the scolding he had planned disappear the moment her saw her face. It all started with Yuki finding Maria on her way to Kaname.