Are freida and dev dating texas legal age of consent dating

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The pair were dogged by marriage rumours throughout their relationship, prompting Patel to deny reports in 2010 that they were engaged.The 24-year-old Londoner has revealed he is still "incredibly close" to Freida, 30, whom he dated for six years.Freida Pinto is living the 32nd year of her life now. A fine example of what hardwork, focus, humility and crazy amazing talent rewards one with . @lionmov @theacademy #Oscars2017 #Oscar Nominations2017 #bestactorinasupportingrole A post shared by Freida Pinto (@freidapinto) on Before this, In 2007 Fro was engaged to Rohan Antao which came to an end in the year 2009 after the success of her debut movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” They were in a relationship for six years (2003 to 2009). Not many Indian actors enter Hollywood, but Freida Pinto took the unusual path and made a career in Hollywood also she has been able to set herself as a versatile actress.

However, Freida's relationship is quite a mystery, and that's what we are revealing here in this session.

A source said: "Freida and Rohan fell in love at college and were extremely close. However, if she is married then whoever is claiming it should produce a marriage certificate."Rohan's relationship status on his Facebook page has been changed from "committed" to "single".

Dev's mom--and some adorable, romantic pics courtesy of the UK's Daily Mirror--have confirmed that Slumdog Millionaire stars Freida Pinto and Dev Patel are...

The pair were sweethearts who met filming the Danny Boyle movie in 2008, but they confirmed their split at the end of last year.

Speaking to the Guardian, Dev said: "We are incredibly close.

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Neither Freida nor Dev mentioned the split on their respective Twitter accounts but a source confirmed the news to American gossip site Us Weekly.