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By the time 460 BC came around and Pericles came into power, the original system started to change.

The new system has been described as an aristocracy and it put the power of governing back into the elite members of society.

Did you know that many of the things we enjoy in modern society were invented by the Ancient Greeks?

One of the most important of these is the system of democracy that people all over the world enjoy.

The Early Helladic Period occurred during the same time that Egypt was establishing its new kingdom.

Sites in Boeatia are marked by pottery that illustrates life in Anatolia. The first period featured red slipped pottery at Korakou.

Archaeology has provided evidence through pottery of how life was in Mainland Greece and Crete.

Over time, residents developed new skills based around architecture and metallurgy.

There is evidence that the civilization developed throughout the whole region.

The systems help historians figure out the dating for different tools and weapons.

There were multiple settlements during the Helladic period.

Some of the cities include Lerna, Tiryns, Thebes, Manika, Agios Dimitrios, and Eutresis.

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This means that democracy was rather short lived in Ancient Athens.

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