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One of the studies Julian mentioned found dramatic increases in rates of masturbation from 1992 to 2014 – double for men (in 2014, 54 percent said that they masturbated in a given week) and more than triple for women (26 percent).The increase could be linked to the greater accessibility of porn over time.It takes an average of more than 60 swipes to get one match, and many matches do not result in a two-way exchange of text messages.And, of course, the matches are not evenly distributed.Today’s adults feel freer to say no to sex they don’t want.Julian also believes that women are now valuing their female friends more.The “highly photogenic” people, as Julian tactfully puts it, are the ones finding dating apps most useful.The expectation that people will use dating apps to connect with other people has, Julian believes, a troubling implication.

(I think that interpretation, on its own, is demeaning.

(She combined parental pressure with hook-up culture; I’m separating them. I’ll end by suggesting that the real issue is one of the most fundamental questions in all of psychology: What are humans really like? Parents are urging their kids to focus on building their credentials in high school and college rather than investing in romantic relationships.

I’ve also changed the order of the reasons.) I’ll recount her reasons first. They are also supervising their kids more closely, leaving them with less free time for fooling around away from watchful eyes. Bodily Self-Consciousness, Distraction, Sleep Deprivation, and Other Sources of Inhibition Young adults may be having less sex because their potential for being aroused is being undermined in many ways.

Other products and services that facilitate sexual experiences without involving other humans are also becoming more popular – sex dolls, for example.

Stop Blaming Single People Kate Julian said she started out expecting to say more about “the benefits of loosening social conventions, and of less couple-centric pathways to a happy life.” But she ended up focusing on other concerns instead.

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If dating apps are wildly inefficient and ineffective, and it is problematic to ask people out (even if you have gotten to know them a bit, for example, by working in the same building or playing on the same sports team), then finding opportunities to have sex is going to be difficult, too. Hook-Ups Instead of Romantic Relationships If young people were having copious amounts of hook-up sex, then maybe their overall rates of sex would not be decreasing, even though they are dating less often and are less likely to have special romantic relationships.