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Am dating my mother

I was there to pick up my notebook computer from my friend, who had borrowed it.He called a half-hour later and said he was still up in Lake Tahoe, and because of poor weather conditions, he would be staying overnight and apologized for not getting my computer to me.Fucking my best friends mom was the very last thing I could think of when I went to his home. She said I didnt need to leave, as she had just made a pot of coffee and invited me to a cup. She said I had just missed him, as he had left with some girl and they were going to hit the shopping mall.She worked at one of the citys hospitals and was still in uniform.I asked her if she had worked another double shift.While she was probably suggesting that I take her sons bedroom, I took her offer to mean that I should share her bed.

As I was rubbing my hands over her body, my cock got hard again and it caused me to desire her again.I told him that it was OK, as I was enjoying a great movie with his mother and Id see him when he got back.Since it was getting a bit late, his mom said for me to take a bit of my own advice and she invited me to stay the night.She smiled and said without a second paycheck to help pay the bills, she needed to work all the hours offered to her.While I sipped on my cup of coffee, I commented to her that her feet must be killing her.

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I told her that it would probably be better without her pantyhose.