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At 57.5 percent, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s youth unemployment rate is the highest in the world, driven by widespread corruption, nepotism and economic stagnation.Through it all, the wounds of war are ever-present.“I don’t want anything unreal, I just want a job and a better future.I think all the people here deserve it.” In Bosnia-Herzegovina, shadows of doubt and malaise hang over life.There is a framework for holidays, benefits and hour limits, but only in theory.

At the end of the war, a larger amount of humanitarian aid was supplied to the country with the aim of recovering destroyed infrastructure and facilities and the establishing prewar living standards for citizens.

'A strange place' The problem is further compounded by an absence of significant economic growth.

During the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina received a considerable amount of humanitarian aid from around the world, which was distributed to victims of the war throughout the country.

The row of trees behind which Bosnian Serb Army snipers were stationed as they besieged the city during the Bosnian War are visible from her living room.

During the conflict, the continuous inflow of bullets shattered the windows and Renata and her family had to hide in the center of the apartment.

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“Here, because of the complexity and number of government structures, there is more room for corruption.

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