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Adult fantasies chat line

Obviously, the moral danger here is that young people may be tempted to wander in, way before they are mature enough to understand or deal reasonably with what they experience there.

We generally assume adults to be responsible for themselves in such matters, but children may very well be confused and curious, even willing to lie about their age in order to unravel such adult secrets.

Such ERP guilds may exist, but I do not know about them.

Indeed, perhaps this is a sign of how well they are doing at keeping themselves private and respectful of the larger community's needs -- if so, I thank them for it.

People engaging in group-based ERP are not at all likely to want to share their personal details with everyone.

A male wanting to explore lesbian sex, for example, probably won't want to be interviewed with voice chat and subjected to a real life Facebook examination before getting into his fantasy.

I fear, however, that such a reasonable approach generally goes against the basic urges which drove the players to form ERP guilds in the first place.

The sex drive is not a rational, balanced feeling; it's tied up with so many other feelings of loneliness, frustration, insecurity, hope, affection, assurance, validation, and fear that people who form guilds based on it are not likely to turn around and say, "Hey, let's be logical about this."Quite the opposite: anonymity is one of the big draws of the whole online sexual fantasy.

Such a guild would take great care that their membership would only consist of consenting adults, perhaps interviewing new members with voice chat, requesting Facebook pages, and generally doing their best to "prove" that a new member is not a minor.These findings suggest that, while MSM may not go online to seek UAI, some engage in online fantasizing about UAI that is associated with possible sexual risk-taking.This speaks critically to the assumption that online fantasizing has no behavioral implications, and underscores the importance of human immunodeficiency virus prevention that addresses the dynamics of online chatting.I'm sorry to say that, from the limited conversations I have had with overt ERP enthusiasts, I haven't seen much caution, or any desire to know anything at all about their partners' real life identities.They've seemed perfectly happy to just assume the other person is a consenting adult without even asking, apparently because their avatar is so very obviously not a child, and children shouldn't be online getting into this sort of thing, and if they are then it's the parent's fault for not being aware of what the kids are doing online!

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It is the right of parents to decide that their child is old enough to watch R-rated movies, but it is not the right of the online player to decide that R-rated content should be good enough for anyone around them, or even anyone who might express an anonymous interest.