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Beaumont said it was very easy to set up the premium rate number: he found a company online and paid a one-off £10 plus VAT, with no other fees or charges.

Though the service provider may try to collect for the calls, it is rarely successful.

In Europe, it is not uncommon for technical and customer support services to use premium rate numbers as well.

The problem with premium rate numbers is that they are easy to exploit.

Potential fraudsters don’t need any special equipment to operate a premium rate number.

Incoming calls to the premium rate number are connected to International Points-Of-Presences (IPOP), where they are either terminated onto IVR equipment (hosted by the premium rate number provider) or internationally forwarded to the fraudster’s own target destination numbers.

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As Jim Dalton, president of Trans Nexus put it, “Premium rate numbers are begging to be used for fraud.

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