Accomodating conflict in the film juno adult singles dating britton south dakota

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Accomodating conflict in the film juno

Although it is true, that in consequence of a per- secuting spirit of party, characters of great distinction and worth, experienced occasionally in ancient Greece, ingratitude and injustice; yet, when passion subsided, and faction ceased to govern the state, the current of public feeling usually resumed its proper channel, and merit was in the end acknowledged i and rewarded.

Nor is it to be found in the usages of the republics of modern Europe, any more than in those of monarchies or aristocracies.

The records of the celebrated republics of antiquity do not furnish it.

DAVID CALDWELL, Clerk of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania- TO THE SURVIVING OFFICERS THE REVOLUTIONARY ARMY, Tliis ivork, commemorative of one of their ablest commanders, and most beloved companions in arms, is respectfully dedicated, imth a sincere wish, that in the evening of a life of patriotism and honour ', tliey may be permitted to repose in the lap of comfort, by Their very humble and Obedient servant, THE AUTHOR. Without intending to enter formally into a dis- cussion of this subject, we will be permitted to ob- serve, that we know not from what source evidence can be derived to confirm the accusation.

Did we love our country to the extent we profess to do, we would love and cherish every thing that might minister to its greatness and glory.

By the gratitude of Switzerland, Tell, for his ser- vices, was all but canonized; and his posterity dis- tinguished by the favours of the state.

As published in The Transj'l- vania Journal of Medicine. This fatal deficiency in the United States, in- duces us to direct our admiration abroad, and fix it too much on distant objects.

It is an active and comprehensive virtue, which essentially influences life and conduct. country; and is defective in those, who are indiffer- ent to the reputation of their distinguished fellow citizens, o- 1 such of them as have been pub- lic be ^actors.

The exemption of our country from war, and the general felicity of our situation, rendering us less dependant on the benefactions of great men, constitute one of them.

To inquire into all the causes of this neglect is not our intention.

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jo UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES CALDWELL, C. This is true, in relation more especially to our sentiments of distinguished military men.

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