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Access 2016 status bar updating tables

The class name is referred to in code later on in this post.

If you name it something different, be sure to adjust your code as well.

You can also use a transaction and rollback on error.

However, Execute is not as easy to use if the action query has parameters such as [Forms].[Form1].[Text0].

Unfortunately if you want to run any code when this refreshes, there’s no native way to do this.

We can, however, create an event for this with a few short steps.

The Execute method provides a much more powerful solution if you don't mind using code instead of a macro.

It is also much more flexible: you can build the SQL string from only those boxes where the user entered a value, instead of trying handle all the possible cases.This article recommends Execute in preference to Run SQL.In a macro or in code, you can use Run SQL to run an action query.In the VBE, right-click your project and select Insert step and is probably the most missed step when people re-create class module solutions.For this example we will rename it (select the class module, press F4) to “cls Query“.

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