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Getting a spy car camera for surveillance with a GPS tracker is also good, so you will always know where the car is located.Above, we have shown you 3 excellent car cameras and whichever one you pick, you will be fully satisfied.The best place to put this camera is on the windshield so it can record anything, even in the back of the car.This covert spy camera in car windshield supports 1440P/1080P videos with up to 25 fps.

However, a lot of people put car surveillance camera with the purpose of catching a cheating spouse.Before you go out and buy a perfect model for yourself consider the following things: A panoramic dash cam can be used as a spy camera.However, its main purpose is to record your driving, so if anything bad happens, you will have evidence for the insurance company.Another amazing feature it offers is a G-sensor, which means that the camera will lock and save any recorded video in case of a collision.On top of that this camera records audio and it can be your personal 24 hours parking monitor.

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Pros All in all, we can see that whatever kind of car camera you get, it’s very important to get a spy camera with audio.

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